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Enhancements to the login process


I don't know my User ID / my User ID isn't working


I don't know my Password / my Password isn't working


What other Intuit sites share this same User ID and Password?


What's the difference between logging in with my Lacerte Customer Number and Bill to Zip Code vs. logging in with my User ID and Password?


I am having trouble creating a new user account


Where do I find my Lacerte Customer Number and Bill to Zip Code?


I didn't receive the forgot User ID email


I didn't receive the reset Password email


My email address has changed / I cannot access the email address you have on file for me


What's a Password Hint?


What's a Security Question?


Why am I being asked for a Password Hint and Security Question?


My Security Answer is not being accepted

If your answer is still not being accepted, then request an email with a temporary Password to access your account that way. Then please remember to set a new Security Question and answer.


I can't login with the temporary Password you emailed me


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